Hi Guys, how is everyone? Im off to work in an hour so thought id get a post in now. I went shopping yesterday was my day off :) BUT i was good and didn't buy anything in Topshop.... next week might be a different story ha. I did however get Taylor Swifts (my girl crush) album Red - which will be playing all day at work as i promised miss Sophie. So today i fancied a bit of red... My nailz i had done yesterday just gel and i bought this belt in H&M yesterday to brighten my work clothes up a bit.

Hope everyone has a good week.


  1. you are, literally, so gorgeous! And that's such a lovely nail varnish colour!!! I'm yet to listen to Taylor's new album, can't wait to though! xxx

    1. Thank you :) its brilliant listen to it xx

  2. I love how your belt and nails match, it adds a really unique touch to the whole outfit. Love very bit of this outfit :) I'm so happy I just stumbled across your blog, I am definitely following your blog now.

    My blog:

  3. Love the red nails and belt, and you look stunning in that middle pic! :-)

    Vanessa x



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