Let the dust settle

1. Missguided - earrings
2. Topshop - Lipstick
3. Topshop - Knit
4. Topshop - Hat
5. Missguided - Boots
6. Topshop - Jacket 
7. River Island - Snood
8. Riverisland - Skirt
9. Topshop - Tee

1. I love these little skull earrings from Missguided. They add a little something extra to any outfit. Lately iv been wearing so much black and these earrings are great for a little detail. I literally have skull everything i love it atm, i think these are a must buy. 

2. Of course i had to put a lipstick in there somewhere. I LOVE topshop lipsticks and seeing this colour recently i had to get it. I never wear dark colours so im trying something new, im more of a light creamy pink girl or peachy colour so as its winter and red is really on trend i went for this dark berry colour. 

3. This Topshop jumper is so comfy! Iv seen the same style of it all around town from New look to Zara. Put it with jeans or a skirt and your good to go. Thats what i love about A/W i can go out in something thick and warm - not much thought into it as long as its comfy and cosy. 

4. You can not do A/W without a hat! you cant! so many people say i have a hat head ha but i really dont! However these cute little hats are brilliant and perfect for winter. They will go with literally anything and they add to the warm cosy feeling of winter. (mainly they cover my bad roots)

5. Missguided boots! I never used to be a boot girl but my god there are so many amazing boots out atm i just cant choose. Primark are even doing some amazing styles with the studs and swede. But these missguided ones are so comfy i love the little tassel detail on them too! just perfect. 

6. This jacket has just worked its way around and around. I see it everyday, everywhere i go. BUT i still bloody love it - i wont leave the house without it because its just so on trend, comfy and literally goes with everything i own right now. This one is from Topshop!

7. MMMM my snood... i love this, again wont leave the house without it! so warm and cosy easy to wear goes with everything! This one is from River island - They are doing such nice accessories atm - they have a massive collection of snoods. 

8. River Island skater skirt! Again i have this in black and cream and its perfect! looks amazing on easy to wear with boots, jackets and so on.. Its a winter must have for me! The colour is great because i wear so much black atm its nice to add a bright colour into the mix. 

9. I bought this top this week as a 'oh ill just get it blah' but its actually so nice on. Perfect with my skirts and disco pants. Its from Topshop if you didnt guess... everything i own is ha :/  but yeah i thought it was really cute :) 

so these are all my picks for A/W - i cant get over how much there is out there that i love atm wish i had more money to spend but with what i had this is what iv come up with. Please excuse how much of it comes from topshop haha i have an addiction :( 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! My little sister is down so im so excited!! 



  1. aw, the jumper and the bobble hat are so so cute, favourties!
    i really like your blog, i've just started following it.
    i love how you write too, you just seem so down to earth and lovely.
    i hope you can pop over and say hi at some point as it'd be so nice to have a chat.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx


    1. Hello, Thank you my lovie thats really nice of you :)
      i am now following you love your blog x

  2. you're loving topshop even more than me at the moment hahah :) love all these things!ive seen so many people mention that lipstick but I sooo don't know if I'm brave enough to go for such a dark colour though eeeek.love your blog anyway :) youve obviously got great taste!xx

    1. haha i really am. Everything in there i want right now. Yeah i agree i think you need to just try it and see you have lovely dark brown hair im sure it will look nice :) x

  3. Really like everything on here, think we have a similar style. maybe check out my blog? im a new follower. neenyswishlist.blogspot.com x

  4. I love those skull earrings and that snood! <3

    The Style Rawr!

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    Ive decided to follow you as you have a lovely blog and its so nicely layed out.


  6. I really need to pick up myself one of those jackets! I also have that burgundy skirt, or one very simular but am dying for a black one!! And that hat looks SUPER cosy! xx

    1. Do it i really love them. yeah have a black one too it wear it all the time its almost so over warn ill need a new one soon haha. xx

  7. love absolutely everything here!
    i followed your blog, follow mine too please?xx


  8. Great picks! I love the khaki of the military against the dark gothic colours! Lovely Autumn outfit :) And you have a lovely blog xx


    1. Thank you :) ahh i know i love this trend. now following you xx

  9. Awesome wishlist!


    1. Thank you! so easy to wear too and they have it in so many colours. x



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