Evening all, hope everyone is having a lovely start to their weekends. I havnt needed a nice chilled weekend so much. Iv spend the day having lunch with the girls and going go karting for niks birthday - was such a good afternoon, even came third place against 10 of us!. Now im in bed finishing off designs and messing around with instagram. Cant wait to spend the day in bed tomorrow it'll be so nice not to have a single thing to do, no commitment no one relying on me to be somewhere and not having to worry about anyone. Normally my boyfriend comes up for the weekend so it always busy with stuff to do. So a nice little break will be nice.

Iv got a thing about moustaches atm, cant even explain why just love them. They are everywhere in my room iv become a bit of an addict. I love this mug though its massive and as im on this diet drink its perfect. Thanks Chard.

I cant wait for it to finally be spring/summer iv bought some nice clothes recently but its just too cold to wear. I cant wait to get my american flag shorts out!!
does anyone have any nice plans for summer?

hope everyone has a nice weekend =)




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