let the jameson sink in

Im back, been gone for a little while as uni work was just taking over my life. Everything got put on hold.
so im back with a weekend wants. These are all bits and pieces i have seen online and have wanted for a while now. ill no doubt only end up getting a few bits as im now poor but never the less here they are:

1. Navy bag - Ebay
2. Denim jacket - Topshop
3. Jeans - Newlook
4. Powder - Topshop
5. Eye Liner pen - Topshop
6. Necklace - Topshop
7. Blush - Rimmel
8. Skull ring - Topshop
9. Heels - Topshop
10. Cleanser - Lis Earle.

well to be fair most of that is topshop... as always cant get enough of their clothes!
hope everyone is having a good week, what are your weeks wants?



  1. Such a nice selection of things, I love the colour of the jeans! x

  2. oh my god, those topshop heels are beautiful!! love the colour of the jeans too xx



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