Yet again it's been a while since i'v blogged. I come and go really and i hate it. Just want to stick to something for once. With this plan in mind i recently just bought a little puppy. she is so adorable - a baby yorkier terrier. Names Lola. She is getting so much attention but who could say no to that face. Friend of mine bought her a top today she looked so cute in it i couldnt stop laughing. 
anyway so here is baby Lola. :) 


  1. Aww how cute is she?! I have a yorkie called Bella and she loves dressing up and posing for the camera too haha

    Just stumbled across your blog and i love it! I couldn't find a way to follow though? :(


  2. Thank you :) awww how old is she? lola is my first puppy - love yorkie terriers they are just too cute! Bought her a little top last week but she's not too fond of it haha. xxx

  3. Oh my word she is gorgeous! I really want a yorkshire terrier or a cockerpoo, I just need to convince my boyfriend that dogs are better than cats first!xxx



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