nailzzzzz 002.

well it didnt take me long to try the Max Factor - Boji nail paint. AND well i bloody love it, such a pwerrty colour. The only thing i found odd was that it was drying really weirdly on my nailz. Like a matte finish it wasnt really shiney like others i buy. But i suppose once you put the clear on over it its all shiney. so really no problem. ha.

anyway lovely colour grab yourself a pot =)


  1. Thanks for the follow doll. Now following you. Love this colour. Very pretty. X

  2. lovely colour :)
    laur x

  3. Lovely colour :) They're painted so well too, mine is always all over my skin :)

  4. This colour is really lovely! I might have a look at MF polishes next time I'm in Boots :)



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