Poorly girly today, took the day off to get better! thats an excuse to miss uni right?
sorry for the rubbish picture and random curler in my hair haha but this is my life saver when im ill. I LOVE hot water bottles, sound like my nan. But i really do, even this little cute one my boyfriend bought me. Im trying to find where it's from because he has forgotten. I think its from one of those one off shops somewhere where sell odd bits and pieces. Ill try and find out.

Anyway coming into winter now and im doing my online shopping. I bought a new jumper from Monki - MONKI is a store based in Sweden which is slowly branching out and is owned by h&m. There is a store in the UK (Selfridges London). There clothes are so young, fresh and fun! With affordable prices and easy shipping to the UK, i bloody love them! They have some lovely knitts for winter too.

Hope everyones having a nice day - mmm what to do this weekend?

xoxo Cally


  1. This hot water bottle cover is so nice, I love all cute things like this :) Hope you feel better soon!

    Thank You for the comment on my blog :)

  2. Ah I'm in love with hot water bottles too, I need a cover for mine though as I kept burning myself yesterday in bed!




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